KennerBee has many years’ experience in the design and manufacturing of Beekeepers’ clothing with a range of garments to suit everybody's needs. Our suits are made from hardwearing 65% Polyester, 35% cotton, 100% cotton & 100% polyester in a range of colours and manufactured to the highest standard.

By listening to our customers we have developed a range of beekeeping clothing to suit everybody’s needs, and we pride ourselves on offering top quality garments at a highly competitive price. Not only the suits are producing in our factory we are also manufacturing the finest quality of the leather gloves with the superb quality of the leather in , Cow, Sheep, Buffalo as well as in goat leather, our size ranges are designed to fit everybody’s need during the harvesting.

Our factory is also producing the stainless steel instruments too like hive tools, smokers, strainers, stainless steel tanks for storage.